One Week Twitter

This past week for my Introduction to Public Relations class we were required to acquire a twitter account.  Twitter is much like “wall posting” on facebook but without all the other distractions.  At first I was very overwhelmed by twitter.  I wasn’t able to reply to “tweets” or short messages, and I didn’t really feel comfortable following people I didn’t know.  However, once our Professor set up a way for the people in my class to connect directly with each other I felt a lot more at ease.  I must admit that I am a bit of a twitter addict now.  Before this week, I would always check my facebook whenever I sat down to a computer, now I find myself immediately logging on to twitter.  I even got my boyfriend hooked which is fun because it allows us a different way to interact with each other.  Twitter has been extremely helpful as far as contacting my professor.  I  can ask questions about the class through direct messages( these are messages that only you and the person you are messaging can see) and get replies within hours or even minutes.  I think we can all empathize with how frustrating and stressful it can be trying to get in touch with a teacher and not getting a response.  I absolutely plan on keeping my twitter account and staying active with the network.  There are many professionals in the public relations field who have accounts and post valuable information.  Hopefully I am able to make some connections through twitter that will help me when I enter into the career arena.


January 31, 2009. Assignments.

One Comment

  1. Barbara Nixon replied:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re benefiting from your time on Twitter!

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