Chapter 4: Public Relations Departments and Firms

This chapter focuses on the different departments and firms in the PR world and how they function.
Something I found interesting is a section in the book discussing different expertise required in every department. First is the Strategic and Operational Management Knowledge: 1. Develop strategies for solving problems 2. Manage Organizational response to issues 3. Develop goals and objectives for department 4. Prepare Budgets 5. Manage People. The next is Research Knowledge: 1. Perform environmental scanning 2. Determine Public Reactions to your organization 3. Use Research to segment publics 4. Conduct evaluation research. The third is Negotiation Knowledge: 1. Negotiate with activist publics 2. Help management understand the opinions of publics 3. Use conflict resolution theories with publics. The final is Persuasion Knowledge: 1. Persuade a public that your organization is right 2. Use attitude theory in a campaign 3. Get publics to behave as your organizational wants.
source: The Manager’s Guide to Excellence in Public Relations and Communication.

The functions of a corporate PR/Communications Department was listed in the order from greatest to least in in-house departments. They are as followed: 1.Media Relations 2.Crisis management 3. Employee Communication 3.Online Communications 4.Special Events 5.Community Relations 6.Reputation management 7. Product/Brand Communication 8.Marketing 9.Public Affairs 10.Annual Reports 11.Brand Advertising 12.Issues Advertising 13.Cause-related marketing 14.Financial relations 15.Monitoring Blogs 16.Writing blogs 17.Blog Relations
source: “Corporate Survey 2006” PRWeek.
Finally the book speaks on the services public relations firms provide today. They are as follows: Marketing communication, Executive Speech Training, Research and Evaluation, Crisis communication, Media Analysis, Community relations, Event management, Public affairs, Branding and corporate reputation, Financial relations.

This chapter was very informative and helpful to me as far as realizing my specific interests and potential strengths in PR.

This information comes from Public Relations:Strategies and Tactics

March 27, 2009. Reading Notes.

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