Chapter 5: Research

Obviously, this chapter is all about PR research. The book discusses the various ways public relations professionals utilize research. They use it to achieve crediblity with management, to define audiences and segment publics, to formulate strategy, to test messages, to help management keep in touch, to prevent crises, to monitor the competition, to sway public opinion, to generate publicity and to measure success.

The book also speaks on the different forms of research. It defines secondary research as using existing information such as books, magazines, and newspaper articles. It also discusses Qualitative and Quantitative Research. Qualitative being defined as “soft data” and Quantitative as “hard data”. Qualitative is usually open-ended questions and Quantitative is usually close-ended questions. The book discusses Library and Online databases as sources for research in the PR industry also.

A final helpful part of this chapter was the section devoted to questionnaires and especially the guidelines of them. A few of the guidelines are as follows:
1. Carefully Consider Wording
2. Avoid Loaded Questions: questions that uses certain words to elicit an emotional response.
3. Consider Timing and Context
4. Avoid the Politically Correct Answer
5. Give a Range of Possible Answers

This information comes from Public Relations:Strategies and Tactics


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