Chapter 7: Communication

This chapter discusses the third step in the public relations process, communication or execution. This step follows research and planning. There are five possible objectives during this stage which are message exposure, accurate dissemination of the message, acceptance of the message, attitude change, and change in overt behavior.

The book also focuses on the different stages the message portion of the communication process. It discusses Paying Attention to the Message and that if the audience does not do this, nothing can be achieved. Next it discusses Understanding the Message and how communication can occur if the the sender and receiver of the message have a shared understanding of the symbols being used. Believing the Message is the next aspect discussed which involves source credibility. Next, is remembering the message. Researchers say that this is a necessary step because it helps drown out distractions. Finally is acting on the message, which is of course, the main purpose for the sender to have on the receiver.

This leads to the last section I will discuss which talks about the Five Stage Adoption Process which describes the key ways in which people accept new ideas. These stages are as follows:
4.Trial: usually means trying out a sample

This information comes from Public Relations:Strategies and Tactics


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