Managing the Grey

Tonight I listened to a podcast by the partner of the Advance Guard, C.C. Chatham. Mr. Chatham’s podcast is entitled Managing the Grey. In this episode of his podcast, episode 75, Chaham discusses social media strategies and the steps companies should partake in to have a great social media strategy. Mr. Chatham describes the first step as one where we should stop, look, and listen. What he means by this is that you must look at what is going on internally at the moment with your company and it’s social media strategy. What are you doing right now? He suggests that we should not simply dive right in, without first doing some initial research. He says next to look into the past and discuss ideas that worked out great and also the ones that failed miserably. This can help you get perspective and give you direction. Another step Chatham discusses is to gauge how people have and will react to your social media strategy. Next, Chatham says to look at what your competition is doing in terms of their social media strategy. What do you like? What do you hate? The next step seems the most important to me and this step is to make a clear, tangible goal. Make sure everyone that is working on the project is on the same page with this goal. Closely related to the goal step is deciding on how you are going to message the success of the strategy. Be certain that the terms are agreed upon with your client. One idea that Mr. Chatham discussed that I found very interesting was the “human factor” involved in social media. He spoke specifically about BestBuy and how their website had no “human factor”. The “human factor” could be anything from a blog, to a vlog, to a link to employees flickr page. Chatham really stressed the importance of this side of social media because it instills a connection with consumers. I would like to learn more about Chathams views on public relations and thus will definitely listen to this podcast again. Finally, Chatham plugged a website at the end of his podcast that he highly recommended so there that is as well!


April 6, 2009. PR Connections.

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