Public Relations During Times of Crisis

On Monday in my Public Relations class, we learned about different types of crises and what to do about them.
The four different types of crises are: Meteor, Predator, Breakdown and Lingering.
There are different ways to spark a crisis and these include: Environmental, Technological, Terroristic, Criminal Misconduct, Managerial, and Accidental.
There are various benefits of planning for a crisis such as reducing stress, flow of information, and business continuity.
Professor Nixon gave us 7 must have elements in your Crisis Communication Kit:
1.) A list of members of the crisis management team
2.) Contact information for key officers
3.) Fact Sheets on the company
4.) Profiles and bios for each key manager
5.) Copies of company logos, press release format, and the scanned in signature of our CEO on disk
6.)Pre-written scripts answering key questions that you have generated through your crisis scenario analysis.
7.)Contact information for key media contacts

This information was very interesting because I would like to possibly work in the crisis control area of a P.R. Firm.
You can find the full slide show from my class on Monday at Professor Barbara Nixon’s blog: Public Relations Matters


April 8, 2009. Responses.

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