“Getting into the News”

Today in my public relations class, we discussed how to get into the news and how to do it correctly. My professor, Barbara Nixon, spoke about many different aspects but I am going to focus on a few that really stood out to me. The entire slide show from my class can be found on Ms. Nixon’s blog.

We were asked at the beginning of class to define what we thought news to be. My definition was as follows, “Information that is pertinent and interesting to the public and provided through a mass medium”. I think I did a pretty good job summing “news” up but one crucial part of the definition I left out is timeliness. This is very important because in the incredibly fast paced world we live in something that happened 18 hours ago can be completely “snoozable”.

I really liked the way Professor Nixon defined a Press(or News) Release as a story that you write in hopes to get it published in a mass media outlet. That about sums it up perfectly in my opinion. The trouble then is, how exactly do you do that? This is where the concept of pitching comes in. Professor Nixon said that this is where you as a PR person is trying to convince journalists that your story is something THEY want. I kind of took this to mean “selling it”.

This lecture was very helpful and made me excited for my PR writing class I will be taking this summer!


April 20, 2009. Responses.


  1. Amy Gemmel replied:

    After this lecture I also found myself anxious to start working in my PR Writing class. Maybe we will be in the same class this summer! 🙂

  2. “Getting into the News” « Insight to Amy’s World replied:

    […] into the News” I commented on Meghan Callahan’s “Getting into the News” blog […]

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