48 hours of Twitter

Twitter has been a fantastic resource to become plugged into. You can find me at twitter @meghancallahan9. When I first began twitter I was really very confused and, honestly, quite frustrated with my confusion. It seemed to be such a huge social network and I had no idea how to fit in and become part of the whole. After a couple of days of puttering around on the site I still had some trouble but it was beginning to look clearer. This next go around, however, has been really fun. I have begun to follow some of my favorite celebrities like Oprah, Britney Spears, and the love of my life, John Mayer. It is very insightful to know the little thoughts they are thinking through out the day. I feel connected. I now also feel more comfortable having conversations with people I don’t know other than from twitter. One thing that has surprised me about twitter is how addictive it really is. I know people say stuff like that about facebook and myspace all the time but I honestly have never been that interested in social networking. Twitter seems more authentic for some reason because there isn’t a lot of talk about profiles and pictures it is focused mostly on straight thoughts and ideas. I like this piece of twitter a lot. I still would like to learn more about shortening links so that they can fit into the short amount of characters provided for a single tweet(this piece of twitter is very aggravating to me). One Public Relations Professional I am following is Jane Cooper who you can find @CooperHong. She has recently been named Public Relations Professional of the Year by AEM production group, pretty good listen to follow her in my opinion. I am also following media bistro which can be found at @mediabistro. Media bistro deals with community, jobs, classes, news, and tweets for media professionals. This has been a fun account to follow and watch for its take on current events in the media. Finally I would recommend to follow prcrossing who you can find at @prcrossing. This is a good person to follow for those of you who plan to work in the greater atlanta area because he works in Marietta. He could be good for a close connection! So that is about all and I must say twitter has definitely become part of my daily regimen thanks to this assignment.


April 22, 2009. Assignments.

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