Seth Godin’s Tribes

In this Video, Seth Godin discusses his book “Tribes” which discusses the different social groups we have in this country and how they affect society today. Here are a few things I learned in this vlog that I found interesting. First of all let me take the time to explain what a tribe is in the sense he is speaking of them. Basically these are simply groups of people who share a common denominator. People join tribes for different reasons but mostly to get a feeling of a belonging. Godin also tells us that the internet has made finding and participating in these tribes much easier due to the close proximity of a computer in most peoples case. A few examples of tribes may be John Mayer fans (I would belong to this one!), sports fans, or different types of gangs.Throughout history, there have been three major tribes that people have been able to connect to. These are the church, the workplace, or the community. He explains that the workplace is much more than a career it really tells something about who that person is.

In his Video, Seth Godin also discusses leadership and he provides several guidelines important to being a leader, especially a leader of a tribe. These characteristics are:
1. Challenge
2. Culture
He explains that all of these things are important because members of a tribe want to feel connected more than anything else and this type of strong personality can help do this.

I liked this video a lot. It is so interesting to think of groups of people and sociological reasons for certain occurrences. It is very strange when you find yourself fitting into one of these tribes, but it definitely a way to feel connected in such a huge and crazy world.


April 29, 2009. Assignments.

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