Stressed out to the ultimate max!

So as the queen of procrastination, this semester has gone surprisingly well I believe. I have been keeping up with my assignments, devoting several hours a day outside of class to studying, and have greatly limited my amount of time going out with friends. Although I really feel I have been doing virtually everything right, nothing could prepare me for these two weeks of H-E-double hockey sticks. I, a little too ambitiously, decided to take on three communication theory classes this semester: Persuasion, Telecommunications, and General Semantics. I really have enjoyed all of these classes, however, they all have a common thread, writing, writing and more writing. Anyway, so in a week and a half here is a quick list of my assignments:
1.) !0 page Telecommunications Research Paper
2.) 15 page Persuasion Research Paper
3.) 15 page General Semantics Research Paer
4.) A 20-minute General Semantics Presentation
5.) A 20-minute Telecommunications Presentation
Oh and did I mention, the papers are all in APA format, not the easiest thing to accomplish. I know I probably seem like a big whiner but this is my place to vent! Hope all of you are having a more relaxing time then me!


April 29, 2009. Personal.

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