The Anatomy of a News Release

Last week in my Public Relations class, we were all asked to bring in a hard copy of a news release to dissect. Anyways, my professor provided the class with some very important information about news releases. This being very important because as a hopeful publicist I am going to writing a lot of these. Here are thirteen things you will find in most news releases:
1. Letterhead with address
2. The words NEWS RELEASE
3. For Immediate release or, Embargo ( this means to hold until the specified date)
4. Media contact information
5. Headline (subhead)
6. Dateline
7. Lead
8. Quotations
9. Body (written in Associated Press format)
10. Page Slugs (moves one page to the next)
11. Additional contact information
12. Boiler Plate
13. ### (End sign)

My professor also made sure to let us know how important a compelling subject line was!


April 29, 2009. Responses.

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