K-Bob Kelly’s Wednesday Night Trivia

In the college town of Statesboro, Georgia, quite a few bars have accumulated. Along with most of these local watering holes are special nights to play trivia. Now I have personally been living in this small town for, I can’t believe it, four years now and in those four years have been to my share of trivia nights. For awhile I was really hooked to Tuesday night “Beer and Wings” at Retrievers, however, my obnoxious but hilarious trivia host left and his replacement was just bad. Next I ventured to Gnats Landing Tuesday night trivia which was, and still is, a really fun, and rather easy trivia. The food is great here as well. But, the pride of Statesboro’s triva nights definitely belongs to the guys at K-Bob Kelly’s. They don’t have an official website but here is a great review you can take a look at! The greatest thing about K-bob Kelly’s Wednesday Night Trivia has got to be the host. His name is Cabbott and he is a creative writing major at Georgia Southern University. Cabbot constructs a completely original game composed of five different rounds and fun tie-breakers in between. If your in the area and like good beer, good music, and a fun and challenging game of trivia, you should definitely come to K-Bob’s!


April 30, 2009. Personal.

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