Segmenting Publics

For my PR publications class we have been given the assignment to pick a non-profit organization and design a brochure for them. I have decided to work with the Ga Southern Disc Golf Club founded by my boyfriend Robert Johnson. Last week in class we discussed how to target certain publics and for the purpose of this post I am going to describe the audience I will be targeting with the GSU Disc Golf Club brochure.

  1. Generation Y and those in the Provisional Adulthood stage of life.
  2. In College
  3. Mostly men, but hopefully attract some women as well

Now considering the client’s public, I must decide how this will affect the design of the brochure. First of all, as Generation Y-ers enjoy advertisements that reflect real-life people so I will make sure to insert some photo’s of the team. As far as reaching the client through their stage of life, one of the tasks for those in the provisional adulthood stage of life is to identify with a peer group so I will focus on this aspect of the team in it’s description as well as provide pictures showing teamwork and friendship. Those in the provisional adulthood stage of life also rebel against rules so I will deter a bit from the basic design principles. Since the brochure will be targeting college students I will make sure to take into account providing plenty of information about the club. Finally I will use colors that appeal to both men and women. Can’t wait for the final product!


June 30, 2009. Assignments.

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