CRAP is an acronym for design that  stands for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. This was invented by a man named Robin Williams (not the comedian!)  For my public relations publications class, we were asked to pick one of the basic elements of design and then define it and tell of its importance.

I chose to write about alignment because I believe this is, possibly, the most important of all the elements. Alignment basically means that everything on the page needs to be visually connected to something else, nothing should be out of place or distinct from all other design elements.

Here are some rules regarding good alignment:

  • Either right align or left align text but, don’t do both.
  • Centered Headlines look nice, centered body text does not.
  • Use existing hard edges to line up other elements.

Alignment and spacing are important to the overall visual experience of the project however, alignment is also important to make the product flow and allows for easier reading.

Thanks Robin Williams for CRAP!


July 14, 2009. Assignments.

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