While font choice may seem like an insignificant detail in design, it is actually quite important and many factors go into deciding which type face to use.  Some of these factors are target age of the person reading the font. If it is for a retirement facility, one may decide to use a bigger font as to accommodate older folks who have trouble with their eyesight. Another factor is where the type is going to be read. For instance, Sans Serif fonts do not translate well online however, they work well with high resolution printed media.

When choosing a font size for you business card it is important that there is a balance in the sizes of your text in your address and contact information, and your names and title. When designing your text, be sure to have your address and phone numbers between 7 to 8 point sizes. Your name should be 1 point bigger than these two elements. That means that if your address is at 7 point, then your name should be 8. On the other hand, your title can either be 1 point smaller than your address text size or similar to it. Your company name in contrast to all these elements should be from 12 to 15 point sizes.

When choosing a font size for a brochure, the rule is a little more flexible depending on your audience and size of brochure. However, typically, nothing larger than a 12 point.

If you want to find legal and free fonts to use, simply go to this website and then click on this link to get step by step directions on how to install the fonts to your word processor.


July 14, 2009. Assignments.

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