Break-ins on Georgia Southern Campus

Break-ins on the Georgia Southern Campus, aka the place where I spend 95% of my time, have been a colossal issue recently. It is a rarity that I speak with someone who has not either directly been affected by the sad state of affairs or knows someone who has. My boyfriend lives in University Pines where his neighbors were completely ramsacked. They left for the evening and came home to broken windows and a busted down door. They reported a two flat screen TV’s, two laptop computers, and numerous other items stolen from their apartment.
I stay at my boyfriends place quite frequently so this really did scare me. It opened my eyes to the fact that this kind of thing can happen to anyone, including me.
I feel as though campus security needs to take some drastic matters as to making students feel safer. One idea may be to put emergency buttons in all bedrooms, dorms and apartments. I believe this would provide some security to students especially females who fear being sexually assaulted. As far as break-ins go, gated communities must be implemented at all dormitories and apartment complexes. It may initally cost the University but the safety of its students is really priceless.
We all must do our part in making sure we breed a safe community at GSU and this is why a neighborhood watch program might be a good idea!


August 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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