Obama’s Healthcare Reform

Last night I read President Obama’s healthcare reform speech in its entirety. I was blown away! I loved Obama before but after reading this speech I am tempted to go out and buy some cheesy “I LOVE OBAMA” gear. I mean the plan is genius! It is simply keeping what works and changing what doesn’t work. It seems elementary but this has been a struggle for our country for decades!

I was happy to hear that those with healthcare will not have to change their plans with this reform. That is good for me now that I am in college, however, come May, I’m going to be without healthcare and possibly needing to implement the second part of Obama’s healtcare plan.

The next change suggested by the reform is that the government will create a new insurance exchange. In other words, a marketplace where individuals and small businesses will be able to shop for insurance at competitive prices. This piece of the plan is what really grabs me. It is just truly ingenius. The monopoly of insurance companies will be destroyed and the competitive market will definately generate economic flow. I am honestly ecstatic about this plan!

The final step in the healthcare reform plan is that everyone who can afford healthcare, will be required to do so. Much like how many states require auto insurance. This is a vital part of the plan because people who don’t have healthcare simply skip getting yearly check-ups and things of this nature and then become very very sick and this is where the american people have to take care of them and there extremely high emergency room visits. I think this is incredibly important to the success of the healthcare reform.

At the end of Obama’s speech he discusses how this plan is much more than an economical issue, but, is an issue of the country’s character. We are the wealthiest nation in the country yet we have people who are going broke because they cannot afford healthcare. It is simply proposterous and I for one am 100% on the presidents side on this issue.

You can read the speech and see video clips by clicking here

September 22, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. ashleyprisfunrenfroe replied:

    I too am an Obama fan…perhaps I should give his plan a read as well! Reading your blog gave me a better understanding.

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