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One of my upper level public relations classes this semester is entitled International P.R. As you might expect we are studying various cultures and how these cultures affect public relations and business in general. One of our assignments was to interview an non-U.S. citizen that is now living in America. My professor believes this is one of the best ways to truly understand a country and I completely agree. In fact I believe that personal interviews are the best way to comprehend a culture. You can read a million books on China but unless you have the incredible experience of actually visiting China, a native person is definately the next best thing.

I chose to interview my boyfriends sophmore year roommate. Here is the transcript from the interview with Milos Tosic:
Meghan: Where are you from?
Milos: A small city in Serbia called Subotica.
Meghan:When did you move here?
Milos: About 2years ago.
Meghan: Tell me about the government in Serbia?
Milos: Well, it is much like the government here. We have a democracy. Our President is Boris Todic.
Meghan:Is there a religion that is dominant in Serbia?
Milos: Yes, Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholocism.
Meghan:Is technology prevalent in Serbia?
Milos: Oh yeah, everyone I knew had cell phones, or their parents did atleast.
Meghan: How does the education system work in Serbia?
Milos: Just like it does here from my understanding. We start with pre-school and go through out high school. University is optional.
Meghan: How does the media operate in Serbia as opposed to the U.S.?
Milos: Media works the same way as here.
Meghan: What is your view of global business?
Milos: Business is being globalized. Countries are doing business between each other more than before so, the best outcome for any business would be to do business all around the world.
Meghan: What has surprised you the most as far as cultural differences between the U.S. and Serbia?
Milos: In the U.S., people drive a lot more and walk less. Everything is spread out here in the U.S. unlike Europe.
Meghan: Is public relations a major you are familiar with in Serbia?
Milos: I am unfamiliar with this major.
Meghan: How did you feel initially about being part of a different culture?
Milos: It was a challenge but I met alot of friends which made it easier for me. Learning the language was the biggest obstacle.
Meghan: What advice do you have for an american seeking employment in Serbia?
Milos: There are some differences being employed here and in my country. So, I would advise that person to be aware of those differences.
Meghan: How did people treat you when you first came to the states?
Milos: People were friendly and curious about where I came from.
Meghan: Finally, I am doing a big project on Croatia. Do you know anything about this country?
Milos: Yeah. It’s a neighboring country, west from Serbia. They are big on tourism because of the Adriatic Sea. The beaches are really nice.

This was a great interview and I would like to take this time to thank Milos Tosic for giving me the time to speak with him. From this interview I discovered that Serbia is not very different from the United States. It is a technologically and economically advanced nation. I think the piece of this interview that stuck with me the most is how Milos noticed the way americans drive everywhere. I would have never noticed this because it is so routine for me however, if you really stop and think about how much driving you are doing in, say, one day, it is rather shocking. Other than that though, I believe this interview shed some light on Serbia for me. It was fun taking the role of an interviewer as well!


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  1. Andrews replied:

    I concur that we drive a lot. It’s not until you go outside the U.S. or to a city that’s heavily dependent on public transportation that you notice the difference.

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