There is absolutely no question that John Mayer should come to Statesboro in the spring to perform. He is a fantastic artist who started his career travelling to colleges spending most of his time in Athens at the University of Georgia. I think it would be great for his image to do a college tour as he has recently become such a celebrity. Most people are more interested in most recent sexual conquests than his music. As far as his music goes though, his new album will be released mid-November and I for one am waiting with insane anticipation! I have had a ridiculous middle school crush on John Mayer since, well, middle school. While I think he is incredibly beautiful, charming and funny, these are not the reasons I believe he should perform at Georgia Southern. John Mayer is a multi-grammy winning artist who has a huge following here. I have personally seen him seven times and have never been disapointed. Lets get him here guys!

John Mayer


October 6, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Natalia replied:

    I love John Mayer! My favorite song is “Bigger than my body.” I think he has an amazing way with lyrics. I would love to see him in concert!

  2. adamrosen00 replied:

    I think that John Mayer is a realistic person to come perform. I also don’t think many people would attend. Maybe they would because he is a big star. I would NOT be there!! Nice pic though 🙂

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