Pet Peeves

When asked to blog about my pet peeves my immediate thought was, “how much time do you have?” No, I’m just kidding but I do have a few pet peeves. I suppose my biggest pet peeves are hypocrites. Yes hypocrites really grind my gears. I also really dislike when people feel the need to speak constantly. These are the people who love to hear themselves talk and the thing about people like these is that no one else really cares to hear what they are saying. I don’t like when people on their cell phones speak so loudly about personal things in public places. I do not care what your boyfriend did last night. I don’t care how drunk your friend got and the fact that she puked all over your car. And, I certainly do not care one bit what your doctor’s update is. Really people, keep it to yourselves. OH and i HATE when girls pull out hand held mirrors in class to re-do their make-up. You are in class and no one cares about how thickly your lipgloss is applied.


October 16, 2009. Assignments.

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