Dream Job

I know this may seem completely cliche but I would love to be a publicist to the stars. {Pause for laughs and sighs of disgust} I think it would be great. I realize that it would be no picnic and that your hours are crazy and you barely have a life of your own but, I’m young and living in the fast lane for a few years would be insanely fun. I would preferably like to work with musicians and my dream client would of course be Mr. John Mayer, whose new album drops in a month!!! But back to the point, I think I could do a good job promoting the image that star would like to portray and I believe myself to be pretty proficient in damage control. I also love to work under pressure and there isn’t any pressure like famous people who are constantly under the public eye. I have always wanted to live in NYC for awhile and, from what I hear, many musicians live their.

If this, for some crazy unexplainable reason, didn’t work out a job with event planning would be incredible also. I love to plan and organize and their is nothing more fun to do then throw a party. Again I work very well under pressure and time constraints and these are two traits that I believe to be very important for someone in event planning.

However, at this point in my life and the economy’s, I must say my dream job would have to be anything in the public relations field. I know whatever career path life takes me down I will give it my all!


October 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Natalia replied:

    I wanted to go into event planning for a long time. I have recently switched up what I want to do but special events is still an interest of mine. I think you would have a lot of fun as a publicist for the stars. There wouldn’t be a boring moment to speak of.

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