Is Cheney Framing Torture?

There has been a recent heated discussion between President Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney over Guatenemo, the prisoners being held there and the methods that are being used to retrieve information from them, in this case various forms of torture.

Cheney won the debate by framing the concept of torture by telling Americans they must decipher between what is good for national security and what is “nice”. In using this word “nice” Cheney is engaging in ugly republican vs. democrat semantics which I personally believe only make Cheney seem foolish.

The question is why is it that what is best for the country be what is morally correct as well? I believe it is one in the same. Never the less, this is simply my opinion but I think Cheney is playing quite the spin doctor with his twisting on torture.

What is so sad is that some people still have complete faith in Cheney and his wacked out ideas. What kind of message is this sending to the American people? to the children? to the rest of the world? I don’t think torture could possibly be sending a good message so I’m going to have to jump the conclusion a bit here and say this is sending a barbaric image of Americans to everyone listed above.

If that is what Cheney believes in, fine, but, don’t you dare say that we have to torture people for national security. Call it what it is Cheney. If it’s pink, has a curly tail and oinks, we’re gonna call it a pig.



December 1, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Andrews replied:

    Politics. Enough said.

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