The Diving Bell and Butterfly

My school had a viewing of the 2007 Cannes Film Festival Winner, The Diving Bell and Butterfly. This was based on a book that was actually a true story. Russell Union hosted the film a couple weeks ago and I have to say I really enjoyed the film. Subtitles have never bothered me, so this was not a difficult adjustment. The make-up of the audience consisted mostly of what appeared to students and professors. I caught myself wondering how many students attended only to fulfill a school obligation and how many came solely for entertainment purposes. The movie was set in France and thus french was spoken. I am not totally familiar with France but I do know that it is a beautiful place and the scenery in this movie was gorgeous. I believe that the film did give an accurate portrayal of the culture firstly because the actors were speaking in french. I know this may seem like a given but it is ridiculous how many films are supposed to take place in foreign places and everyone speaks English with bad accents. The worst case of this I have ever encountered was in Valkyrie. Wow that was awful! They were all suppose to be Germans, however they were all speaking in English and everyone had different accents. That movie was dreadful, but back to Diving Bell and Butterfly. The film would probably be categorized as a type of medical drama so I did not learn much about the French culture that seemed to terribly different from the United States. Perhaps the hospital rooms seem a little nicer in France, but nothing really significant due to the plot of the film. In viewing a foreign film I cannot relate to being part of a different culture, however, I do find myself envious of Europeans whenever I watch their movies. They, in general, just seem more intellectual and artsy. Even in the context of this sad movie I wondered how fantastic it would be to live in Paris. Maybe one day I will! I think this viewing was very successful as far as expanding our(GSU students) horizons and becoming more well rounded and cultured. We revere movies like Spider Man, which is great, but there is room to applaud the indie films as well. I will recommend this movie to friends and family for sure!


December 3, 2009. Uncategorized.

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  1. Andrews replied:

    I think this film and one other was a winner among your classmates.

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