Blog Comments-The Glue that Holds Social Media Together

I must first admit that I am a self-proclaimed newbie to social media. While I have kept a blog for nearly a year now, I have yet to fully devote myself to this creative and revolutionary communicative outlet. I began my blog last year for my introduction to public relations class and have been asked to use my blog for practically every class in my major. For a while I didn’t understand why I wasn’t “getting into” blogging like I had with Facebook( an addiction I’m afraid to admit). Then one day it hit me!

I didn’t enjoy blogging because I was having no interaction with other bloggers. I wasn’t commenting on their blogs and they certainly were not commenting on mine. So, I would like to take this opportunity to pledge my allegiance to commenting on other blogs at least three times a week in 2010. I figure that if I read other people’s blogs not only will it spark some ideas for my blog, but also hopefully, it will inspire my social media peers to take a gander at mine!

Commenting on other’s blogs is the glue that connects us through this crazy Internet highway. I figured I should do some research before I embark on my new “blog commenting” journey. Here are some tips I found from Grammar Girl!

  1. Be Respectful- While this may seem like an obvious rule, there are far too many internet critics who are really crossing the line. Yes, of course you can disagree, I urge you too, but do it in a way that provokes deep thinking. remember, you catch more bee’s with honey!
  2. Keep it Short- One point/idea per comment and no more than 300 words. It is a comment, not a blog post.
  3. Determine Your Motivation- Before you start writing figure out the message you are trying to get across. This makes your comment more logical and thus, more likely to be read.



January 30, 2010. Social Media Monitoring, Topic of the Week.

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