Social Media in 140 Characters or Less

Adam Vincenzini asked fellow tweeters to define what social media is in this blog post in the twitter format of 140 words or less. Here I copied and pasted the three that resonated most with me.

@Beth_Carroll: Social media is about building relationships and harnessing those relationships to build networks and interact

I like this definition because of the usage of the word ‘relationships’. Social media is all about relationships, and not only starting, or building, relationships, but also growing them and making meaningful connections to aid your professional life.

@MarketingVeep Social media shrinks time and place’ it imposes a stark brevity; it leads strangers to each other; gives booming voice to a whisper; turns two legs into an army

I think this definition of social media is so eloquently put, almost like a poem you must dissect. So, lets break it down. First, shrinks time and place. In this day and age, brevity is key. People are busy and bouncing around from one place to another so being able to get updates quickly and easily is essential. and brevity. Next, ‘it leads strangers to each other’. This piece of the definition really resonates with me because I feel so blessed to have these tools like twitter that make it possible for an insignificant public relations undergrad to connect with important influential people in the field. Finally, ‘it gives a booming voice to a whisper’. This part of social media is so groundbreaking because for the first time, consumers have a HUGE voice in commerce.

@laceyhaines Social media is community, conversation and discovery. Online interaction with the people, products, and companies who matter most to you.
The community aspect of social media is very exciting and makes me feel like part of something bigger than anything we have recently known. I love that this definition talks about ‘online interaction with the people, products, and companies who matter most to you‘. The selective nature of social media is awesome because you can sort through and narrowly pick what you want to hone in on.
So, now my definition of social media: a communicative highway where people of all walks of life can connect and learn.

February 5, 2010. Social Media Monitoring, Topic of the Week.

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