Week 2 Reading Notes from “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization” Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is entitled “Building a WordPress Powered Website” so you can guess what it is going to explain. Here are some key points from the chapter:

1. A CMS is an application that is used to create, edit, manage and publish content in an organized way. WordPress is one of the easiest CMS’s.

2.How to Create a Static Home Page(front page)- First you must create two pages, “Home” & “Blog”. Then you must change your settings according to figure 4.13 on pg 106 of the book. You must make sure to set your “Settings/Reading” to anything but the default so your links are optimum for search engines.

3.When planning your site, make an ambitious list of what you want your site to do for you and your business/company.

4.The author suggests when choosing a theme for your wordpress website to always choose one more column than you think.

5.A plugin called “AmazonSimpleAdmin” can be placed on your blog in which you can place Amazon books you like on your page.

6.Plugin’s You Want to Install Right Away
-Wordpress.com Stats.
-WP-Security Scan
-Wordpress Exploit Scanner
-All in One SEO Pack.

A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization by Deltina Hay can be purchased at Amazon.com


February 16, 2010. Reading Notes, Social Media Monitoring.

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