What to wear? PR Edition

As a woman, everyday outfit choices may seem difficult, however, when it comes to choosing the ensemble to wear to a job interview, this task can be nothing short of frightening. “Does this make me look smart?”, ” Do I look too risque with this color lipstick?”,  “Is this shirt too ‘something’?”  The questions and doubts are endless. This is precisely why I decided to put together this post to rid you of all uncertainty around this important decision. I searched the web and put together the tops finds I retrieved. Here they are!

Celeste Mitchell from the blog, Mediabistro, gives some tips for those applying for media related jobs including public relations. She suggests getting some information on the company before deciding on your outfit. If you still can’t really tell, a suit is most likely the best option, however, Mitchell says to wear a fun colorful shirt to show a bit of your personality. Also, “you want to show an understanding of the audience” Mitchell says. Know the organizations client-base and make sure your outfit choice reflects those people.

You Can’t Wear That to an Interview!Or can you? In a changing employment world, some job-hunt truisms are becoming old-fashioned myth ,by Julie Gordon, from the business week blog, says to pay attention to the small details as well as the overall appearance of your ensemble. Many kids right out of college usually overlook important touches like making sure your zipper is up and that your shoes have no scuffs on them. These little aspects of your outfit speak loudly to interviewees. So, do not forget to paint those chipped nails!

Finally, watch this video to get a professionals opinion on the matter and after you watch this video compare it to other YouTube videos on the subject and pull the ideas that are repeated!

Happy job hunting!


February 27, 2010. Assignments, Public Relations Practicum, Topic of the Week.


  1. kris10ly replied:

    Hi Meghan! Great tips! It is interesting to think about how the standards for interview attire have changed over time. This is why it is so important for everyone to stay up-to-date on what attire is expected for interviewees today. I agree, you should collect information on the company you are looking to apply for or have an interview with. In some cases, you may not be required to dress in formal attire. However, if you decide to dress more casual make sure it is business casual. Most of the rules still follow. Thank you for sharing this great advice!

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