Inside the Foursquare

“Love it! Having a lot of fun checking in to my locations and becoming a mayor of my favorite haunts!”

“I love to be in the Foursquare family”

“this has potential, tho rite now primarily used by urbanite hipsters. i’m afraid it’ll lead 2 constant coupon feeds to your mobile whenever u walk near a biz.”

“To many lies on Foursquare (just spoke to a friend in NY who claimed to sit in a hotel in Dubai”

These are some reviews I found on the newest thing to hit the social media market, Foursquare. While some reviews are good and others are not so good, we know one thing. Foursquare is generating some definite buzz around town.

Foursquare is a new  location-based “app” for the iPhone or blackberry that helps you find new ways to explore your hometown or places you are visiting. This new app also allows you to meet up with friends with its built-in GPS-like system. Foursquare, created by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, is based in New York City. Foursquare is also a game in which you receive points for discovering new places or meeting new people. This is pretty revolutionary technology.

I believe foursquare will end up being a very beneficial tool for companies. If companies sign-up and become part of the game, they are essentially implementing an incentives marketing plan which will hopefully drive new consumers to their institutions.

However, as a woman, one of the first things I thought of when I heard of Foursquare was the privacy aspect possibly being violated. How safe is this technology? What if some of the information gained from this application got into the hands of a felon? Or a sex offender? I wonder if there are measures being taken to prevent things of this nature?

Other than this concern, I think this seems like a fun and engaging application that I will definitely think of downloading!


March 5, 2010. Social Media Monitoring, Topic of the Week.

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