Internship Advice

This semester I have been lucky enough to obtain an internship with a fantastic company, Savannah Morning News. I work for Savannah magazine specifically, and even though it is an unpaid internship, I am having the most amazing experience with working with the best in Savannah in journalism and public relations. My boss and editor have been giving me great feedback and I feel, that after several months at an internship, I have some tips to share with those who are about to embark on their internship journey.

One of the compliments I receive the most is that I have a great attitude. So, the first tip I would give to an intern is to always be gracious and be willing to work. Let’s be honest, internships, no matter where you are, are not going to be highly glamorous. I often find myself making phone calls and running errands but I always do it with a smile on my face. I also make it a priority to thank my boss and editor for giving me this opportunity. Georgia Southern University student, Kelly Rowen, recently graduated with her hotel and restaurant degree. She finished her internship in Florida last summer. She was working at a hotel in St. Petersburg and she absolutely  hated the job.

“It was the worst job I had ever had,” Kelly said. “I was constantly being yelled at by customers and my peers, but, that never stopped me from doing my very best.”

When Kelly left her job she received a great recommendation letter from her supervisor.

Another tip I give is to act professionally and not cross the line with off-colored jokes or dressing inappropriately. Laura Callahan, a junior at Georgia Tech, worked at an engineering company in Atlanta where she was often working side by side with construction workers.

“These guys would often curse and talk about really gross stuff,” Laura said. “I made sure to never give into the casual nature of my environment though.”

Laura’s boss was impressed by her tact and professionalism and got invited  back to work at this company next semester.

Internships, although they can be a lot of work, are really fun. So my # 1 tip is to get one and get excited about it! Enthusiasm shows through and it makes the people you’re working with happy to be around you.

March 11, 2010. Assignments, Public Relations Practicum, Topic of the Week. Leave a comment.