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pr open mic
PR Open mic is a social network designed specifically for public relations students and professionals. I personally have been a member of the network for over a year now and absolutely love it.

One aspect I really like is the fact that PR open mic sends e-mails to you when breaking PR news occurs and links to site so you can read the entire article.

There is also a huge area on the site devoted totally to job posting and internships.
I am about to graduate in May, so this is probably my favorite part of the site. I have gotten a handful of job leads and sent my resume to a good number of companies posted on the site.

I’m also a huge fan of the discussion forum on PR Open mic. This is a tool I use a lot. It is a great way to talk to people and get a good feel for the industry, what’s going on, what’s the hot gossip. A little mean girls reference there!

If you visit the members section you can easily search for anyone you think might be on the site or look for members in your area. This has been a great way to connect with my professors and classmates as well as potential employers.

The last piece I want to discuss is the groups section. This is just like the groups section on facebook where you connect to groups of people who you feel relate to you. This is a great way to get news that directly relates to what your interested and weed out the info that is irrellevant to you.

Overrall, this is a fantastic site. I strongly encourage those of you in this industry sign up immediately!


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Advantages of the Podcast

podcastThis week in my social media monitoring class, we are focusing on podcasting. I must admit I was a bit at a loss before this class as far as this new media went, but, now that I have done some research, I see that the possibilities and advantages of podcasting are truly endless.
First of all, what is a podcast? To put it simply, a podcast is just an mp3 file you record and upload to a podcasting site. I use the website mypodcast.

Bob Withers says that there are two main advantages of podcasting:
1.)Ease of Use
2.)The availibility of free/cheap software to run them

The real beauty of the podcast is how easy it is to distribute. Most people in this day and age have access to ITunes and you can download podcasts, for FREE, right to your ITunes account.

Podcasts could also be defined as radio/talk shows on demand. People today are busy and move at an extremely fast pace. With a podcast, you can be sitting at the airport waiting for your flight and can listen to a podcast immediately.

Finally, it has become very popular for large corporations to use podcasts as their training sessions according to Ramona Meteri, President of Ingenia Consulting.

Here is a list of some of the organizations who are doing this:
-Akron Children’s Hospital

This is a great way to cut costs and be more time efficient with new employees.

Bottomline, podcasts are the future and you must get on board this mothership!

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Podcast: “Meghan’s Take: Everything PR”

Click here to listen to the pilot episode of my podcast, Meghan’s Take: Everything PR.

The podcast begins with a short introduction of the podcast and the topic of social media’s advantages for all types of business. (0 -22 sec)

Next I give a quick background of social media and the huge role it plays in our society at the moment. (23-1:09 sec)

I briefly discuss a conversation I had with my father about social media, and how he didn’t believe in the benefits of social media. I talk about an experiment I conducted with him to prove otherwise. ( 1:11- 2:36).

I then discuss the main point I am trying to make in my broadcast, social media is good for everyone, big or small (2:39- 3:10).

Next I discuss an event I did the PR for called “Behind the Veil” for Savannah Magazine and how social media was implemented for the publicity. (3:12-3:57).

I then go back to the story with my dad and inform the audience that changes have been made for his corporations social media presence

I finish up with my final thoughts on the matter as well as thanking those who helped create my podcast (4:48-5:25).

This was a really fun project and I plan to do a podcast each month on various things public relations related. I’ll keep you all posted! Thanks!

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