Reading Notes Week 12: Chapter 8 & 9 “A Guide to Social Media: Media Communities & Widgets and Badges”

Chapter 8 Media Communities

I.Media communities are social sites where you can save, share and comment on multimedia items and you can connect with others by finding similar interest around images and videos.

II.Image sharing sites is a way to get full potential out of your photos and other images online.

  • Flickr is probably the most popular site on the internet

III.There are 3 Steps to Uploading and Optimizing Images

  1. Choose your images
  2. Upload your images
  3. Give uploaded images good titles, descriptions and tags

IV.Badges are widgets you can place on your websies that displays images images from your flickr account as a small photo gallery

Chapter 9:Widgets & Badges

I.Widgets are snippets of a code used to syndicate content

  • The process of installations is:
  1. 1.Discover a site that offers it
    2.Choose the type you want
    3.Set options
    4.The source populates for you individual widget
    5.The source generates a code for it
    6.Copy the generated HTML
    7.Place the code onto your website
    B.Types of Widgets
    1.Highlights Your Social Web Presence
    2.Social Networking
    3.Sharing and Syndicating your Content
    4.Feed Widgets
    5.Social Bookmarking/Crowdsourcing
    6.Making your site more Interactive
    7.Promoting products and making money

II.A Badge is just an icon used to link back to its source
A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization by Deltina Hay can be purchased at


April 7, 2010. Reading Notes, Social Media Monitoring.

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