This week in my social media class, we have been asked to create a delicious account. I am sorry to say that prior to this invitation, my understanding of delicious was nothing passed tasty culinary delights! Just kidding! Delicious is a social bookmarking service used to share all your favorite websites, see what other people are saving as their favorite websites, and compare what is being said about them!

After the simple and quick sign-up at, I was easily adding all my favorite websites to my account. It was really interesting because each time I added a new blog or website to my favorites, common terms used to describe the website by other users popped up on the bottom of my screen.

This is a fantastic tool for college students! Surfing the web has grown to be something of a nuisance in the sense that there is such disorganization and information overloads. Delicious can eliminate both of these common search engine woes. Delicious is making online researching incredibly more efficient and easy.

Also, delicious allows users to share research more effectively. Let’s say students are working on a group project and they each are bookmarking different sites for the end project. With delicious, individuals in the group can easily look at their group members delicious accounts and bookmark the same pages they have bookmarked. Keeping them up to date on the information pertinent to their project.

Using Delicious in Education by Gabrielle Grossek lists some advantages of delicious for students:

  1. Neither the operating system or the platform is important
  2. Ubiquity, you can access delicious from any computer connected to the net
  3. It is very easy, we don’t need to memorize or write down addresses
  4. Browsing leads to finding pertinent links
  5. The more people use delicious, the stronger it becomes

Overall, I am very excited to embark on my delicious new journey! Hope you do too!


April 18, 2010. Social Media Monitoring, Topic of the Week. Leave a comment.