YouTube PR Channels

While browsing on PR Openmic today, I came across yet another amazing feature of this site, videos! And, more specifically, YouTube PR channels!

After you sign into PR Open mic, click the video button and then click YouTube PR channels. Next simply click the link that reads, channels devoted to public relations, and you are sent here! Here you will find a rather long list of YouTube channels devoted entirely to PR.

My favorite so far is the Edelman Public Relations channel. Another cool channel is Conversations in Public Relations which gives great insight into PR, marketing, and advertsing.

This is a great asset and I hope you all check it out. If I haven’t praised PR Openmic enough, well I love you!


April 21, 2010. PR Connections, Social Media Monitoring.


  1. Sarah Kemp replied:

    I was excited to see your post about another great feature of PROpen Mic. I have just recently started to get the hang of the site, so it is always interesting to find out new features and benefits from the website. I took a look at the links that you provided and how cool! What a great idea for companies, especially pr companies to be video casting their new clients, events, etc. On Edelmans’s videos they had a general manger that was at LiveCity Vancouver, which was their client, and was telling about what we were going to see over the week of games. This is an effective, low cost solution for Edelman. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Blog Comments PRCA 3711/4711 Spring 2010 « Connecting With The World… replied:

    […] #19 Meghan C’s post “YouTube PR Channels” […]

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