Sex and The City Addiction

Hello, My name is Meghan and I’m a Sex and the City-aholic. Just kidding! But on a serious note, I absolutely adore that show! Whenever I am having a rough day with school, or my boyfriend, or just feeling not so hot I pop in one of the DVD’s and pretty much automatically feel a whole lot better. Something about the show is so relatable to women. I really feel as if I know the main characters:Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York (can you tell I watch this show far too often). One of my “big” christmas gifts this past winter was the entire collection of the series-six seasons plus a bonus disc to be exact. My sister, Laura, and I watched the entire thing in the span of six days. It was pathetic but amazing at the same time! When the movie Sex and the City The Movie came out I actually dressed up as if I was going to a dressy cocktail party. I also wore a Sex and the City t-shirt all day long before changing for the movie. I really feel as if I have learned a lot about relationships from this television show and as a 22-year-old woman who is in love for the first time, that has been incredibly helpful.

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Yes Man a big NO!

I am a huge Jim Carrey fan, but I’ve been watching his most recent movie, Yes Man and I have to admit it is definitely not his best work. The first thirty minutes have been incredibly depressing as the main character is into some deep self-loathing sprinkled with hints of manic depression. The premise of the movie is about a man who is notorious for always saying no to anything and everything but, after a friend drags him along to a “Yes!” seminar, this man, Bruce, takes a pledge to say yes to everything. While the idea of the movie is really cute however, it was also really slow. The leading woman, played by Zooey Deschanel, was actually really great and had a very funny singing scene. The overall movie was, I’m sad to say, a flop. 😦

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K-Bob Kelly’s Wednesday Night Trivia

In the college town of Statesboro, Georgia, quite a few bars have accumulated. Along with most of these local watering holes are special nights to play trivia. Now I have personally been living in this small town for, I can’t believe it, four years now and in those four years have been to my share of trivia nights. For awhile I was really hooked to Tuesday night “Beer and Wings” at Retrievers, however, my obnoxious but hilarious trivia host left and his replacement was just bad. Next I ventured to Gnats Landing Tuesday night trivia which was, and still is, a really fun, and rather easy trivia. The food is great here as well. But, the pride of Statesboro’s triva nights definitely belongs to the guys at K-Bob Kelly’s. They don’t have an official website but here is a great review you can take a look at! The greatest thing about K-bob Kelly’s Wednesday Night Trivia has got to be the host. His name is Cabbott and he is a creative writing major at Georgia Southern University. Cabbot constructs a completely original game composed of five different rounds and fun tie-breakers in between. If your in the area and like good beer, good music, and a fun and challenging game of trivia, you should definitely come to K-Bob’s!

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Here are the littlest ones of the Callahan clan!

Here are the littlest ones of the Callahan clan!

As the end of the semester is drawing near, I find myself thinking of my family at home. I have a huge family-Mom, Dad, Step-mom, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 dogs, and 2 cats! I am so lucky and am incredibly happy whenever I go home to Alpharetta to visit everyone. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing them that much this summer as I am doing both A and B terms of summer school. I know its nessecary in order to graduate next May but I must admit I am a little bitter about the whole situation. One of my little sisters, Jules, is only three and one of my little brothers, Jack, is only one and they are growing up so incredibly fast I really hate to miss a single day. Also my other little brother, Bobby, is going to enter his freshmen year of college in the fall at Auburn University(I am so proud of him). I feel like I’m missing out on important things in my families life but I guess sometimes you just have bite the bullet and get done what you need to get done.

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Stressed out to the ultimate max!

So as the queen of procrastination, this semester has gone surprisingly well I believe. I have been keeping up with my assignments, devoting several hours a day outside of class to studying, and have greatly limited my amount of time going out with friends. Although I really feel I have been doing virtually everything right, nothing could prepare me for these two weeks of H-E-double hockey sticks. I, a little too ambitiously, decided to take on three communication theory classes this semester: Persuasion, Telecommunications, and General Semantics. I really have enjoyed all of these classes, however, they all have a common thread, writing, writing and more writing. Anyway, so in a week and a half here is a quick list of my assignments:
1.) !0 page Telecommunications Research Paper
2.) 15 page Persuasion Research Paper
3.) 15 page General Semantics Research Paer
4.) A 20-minute General Semantics Presentation
5.) A 20-minute Telecommunications Presentation
Oh and did I mention, the papers are all in APA format, not the easiest thing to accomplish. I know I probably seem like a big whiner but this is my place to vent! Hope all of you are having a more relaxing time then me!

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Hilton Head for the weekend

Two years ago my family purchased a beautiful home on Hilton Head Island. This has worked out really great for me as I attend Georgia Southern University which is a short hour and a half away. My dad, stepmom, little brother and sister came down to Hilton Head on Monday and due to my closeness I was able to come to the house for the day/night. We went to the beach and although it was a perfect 65 degrees it felt more like 50 because of the wind. My little sister, three years old and completely amazing, played in the ocean for a while and almost caught hypothermia. After we arrived back at the house and got showered and such, we ventured to what is called Shelter Cove. This is a great little harbor area with tons of shops and restaurants plus live outdoor music and the setting of big yachts on a harbor in the background(pretty fantastic). My parents and I got a margarita while to little ones shared a quesadilla. We finished off the night dancing on the back patio to traditional “beach” music including of course, Jimmy Buffett. It was a fabulous weekend indeed and I can’t wait to go back soon!

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End of Semester Coming

There is officially only four weeks left in my spring semester of Junior year. This semester was definitely a doozy. This semester I really got into my major(Public Relations). I really love it but, my communication theory classes are really tough. I have three 15 page research papers due at the end of the semester so I am super busy right now. I know in the end it will all be worth it but I must admit, as of right now I am stressed out!

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Laura Comes to the Boro!

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend!  My younger sister and best friend in the entire world came down from atlanta this weekend to visit her big sis in the boro!  She came down friday night after work( She is a co-op at Ga Tech with an engineering company working onsite on the expansion of the Atlanta Aquarium—I’m a very proud older sibling!) and the fun began immediately.  I did her make-up and hair( a ritual when we get together) and we had a glass of wine and then headed to my boyfriends apartment to meet up with all of my friends.  We all hung out over there for an hour or so and played some “extra-curricular” drinking games and then headed to the Retrievers Sports Bar.  They had a fantastic 311 coverband playing and it was only five bucks to get in which is totally reasonable in my opinion.  My sister had to drink red bull all night since she had been working and travelling all day but she danced all night long too!  The next day we lounged around all day long.  We ordered in Holidays Greek Food and Watched an entire season of Friends.  Our family friend Bridgette came over and we got to catch up with her which was really fun.  Later that afternoon we headed up to the Millhouse for happy hour and appetizers(Great Happy Hour by the way—$2 shocktops!)  My boyfriend and his roommate met us up there and then we went back to our house and had a little impromptu party.  All and all it was just perfect having her down here.  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!  Sadly my weekend ended on a sad note with my sister leaving and a stomach virus arriving.  But, C’est la vie!  I’m however, ready to take on the week now and get back into the school groove!

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