Social Media for THAT?!?!

Here is a cool article from PRweek US. You have to quickly subscribe to read the article but it’s quick and easy and totally worth it. This article discusses an airline that is turning to social media after volcanic ash crisis. This has be asking the question, what does social media not work for?

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The Anatomy of a Press Conference

If you plan to go into PR, it’s a safe bet to plan on holding a press conference. I haven’t had much guidance in this area of PR and zero experience, so I assumed some of you PR majors are in the same boat.

Here is a video I found on Conversations in Public Relations where SNM’s associate of director of public relations discusses the basics of holding a press conference. I found it very helpful and I hope you all do too!

For some reason I can’t embed the video, but just click here to watch!

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YouTube PR Channels

While browsing on PR Openmic today, I came across yet another amazing feature of this site, videos! And, more specifically, YouTube PR channels!

After you sign into PR Open mic, click the video button and then click YouTube PR channels. Next simply click the link that reads, channels devoted to public relations, and you are sent here! Here you will find a rather long list of YouTube channels devoted entirely to PR.

My favorite so far is the Edelman Public Relations channel. Another cool channel is Conversations in Public Relations which gives great insight into PR, marketing, and advertsing.

This is a great asset and I hope you all check it out. If I haven’t praised PR Openmic enough, well I love you!

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Tips for Interns at a PR or Advertising Firm

I have interned with Savannah magazine for the past three months and I am currently in the process of hopefully gaining an internship with Edelman for this summer.

I found this video very helpful and interesting. Sometimes, as college students, we don’t fully understand why our professors make us do certain things. This video helps me understand the importance of blogging and social media literacy.

The director lays out three basic ways that interns can use social media to help their organizations:

  1. Listen
  2. Shadow
  3. Become a Persona


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Richard Edelman Blogs…REGULARLY!

I am sure most of you hav heard of, or slightly worship, Edelman Public Relations. This organization is mentioned in almost every public relations textbook I own and is the largest PR firm in the world. 

So, if anyone didn’t have enough time to blog it would have to be the CEO of Edelman Public Relations, Richard Edelman. 

Guess again! A few days ago I stumbled upon Mr. Edleman’s blog and was blown away at the fact that he not only blogs but he blogs on a regular basis. This says so much about Mr. Edelman and his company as a whole. 

Richard Edelman


Take a look at his blog, you won’t be disappointed!

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Twestival 2010

I had no idea that there was a twitter festival! The first ever, held March 25, 2010,acquired 200 cities participating in the worldwide effort to raise money for education awareness. To learn more about this really neat event check out this blog post by sherrilynn at StrivePR

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“Hackers” Predicted Social Networking

Doyle, from the Media in the New Millenium blog, posted a great look at the similarities between the movie “Hackers” and current social networking. Read this post and then go rent “Hackers’ and see if anything rings true!

Here is a quick clip from the movie to tide you over until you can watch the real thing. Enjoy and thanks Doyle!

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“Higher Education vs. Real-World Experience”

Ashleigh Egan

In Higher Education vs. Real-World Experience, PR pro Ashleigh Egan discusses the benefits and pitfalls of choosing to continue education on to  grad school or to jump into the field.

This was something I was concerned about so I found the post very helpful. When you factor in the economy and workforce, you’d be hard pressed to find a senior not considering this option.

Ashleigh makes some great points and if this is an issue plaguing you, take a look!

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“How is PR Changing”

On the Journalistics blog, PR pro Jeremy Porter discussed how PR is changing. The post has a lot to do with the technological changes occurring in the field, and more specifically, social media.

Although Jeremy does discuss this fact, he makes a great point that PR isn’t really changing in the traditional sense. He says that everything PR majors learned still greatly applies to the business. He couldn’t emphasize writing more.

Jeremy tells us that we need to adapt to change but not forget our roots! This is a great post and you should definitely check it out!

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“Should Social Media Activities Be A Required Class Assignment”

PR Open mic posed this question to PR students and a not so thrilled Lauren Garcia blogs about why she believe social media should be left out of the public relations curriculum.

I am taking a social media monitoring class so, clearly, social media is a requirement for the course which is completely understandable. However, I have been forced to blog for virtually every PR class I have taken at Georgia Southern University, so I can understand Lauren’s frustrations.

However, while Lauren is limited to participating in social media solely on PR Open mic, my instructor allows us to blog and comment on other people’s blogs as well. This allows for more creative freedom.

Also, I find the writing experience to be incredibly valuable and realistic to the tasks I will be performing in my career.

Read Lauren’s blog and decide for yourself!

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