Laura Comes to Visit the Boro!

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend!  My younger sister and best friend in the entire world came down from atlanta this weekend to visit her big sis in the boro!  She came down friday night after work( She is a co-op at Ga Tech with an engineering company working onsite on the expansion of the Atlanta Aquarium—I’m a very proud older sibling!) and the fun began immediately.  I did her make-up and hair( a ritual when we get together) and we had a glass of wine and then headed to my boyfriends apartment to meet up with all of my friends.  We all hung out over there for an hour or so and played some “extra-curricular” drinking games and then headed to the Retrievers Sports Bar.  They had a fantastic 311 coverband playing and it was only five bucks to get in which is totally reasonable in my opinion.  My sister had to drink red bull all night since she had been working and travelling all day but she danced all night long too!  The next day we lounged around all day long.  We ordered in Holidays Greek Food and Watched an entire season of Friends.  Our family friend Bridgette came over and we got to catch up with her which was really fun.  Later that afternoon we headed up to the Millhouse for happy hour and appetizers(Great Happy Hour by the way—$2 shocktops!)  My boyfriend and his roommate met us up there and then we went back to our house and had a little impromptu party.  All and all it was just perfect having her down here.  My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!  Sadly my weekend ended on a sad note with my sister leaving and a stomach virus arriving.  But, C’est la vie!  I’m however, ready to take on the week now and get back into the school groove!


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